Higher Ethanol Blends 'Critical,' Says SD Corn

SDCGA issues statement on higher ethanol blends.

Published on: Mar 18, 2009

South Dakota Corn Grower Association officials are backing calls for the Environmental Protection Agency to approve higher blends of ethanol.

"Allowing the use of higher blends of ethanol in existing fleets would simply give the ethanol industry a little more access to markets the oil industry has always enjoyed," says Bill Chase, SDCGA president. "As corn growers, we fight for markets every day. This market is critically needed for the additional bushels of corn we will produce every year on the same acres."

He says it takes 40% less land and 50% less energy to produce a bushel of corn than it did in 1987.

"It is critical that the ethanol industry moves beyond the arbitrary 10 percent blend wall. It would bring huge benefits to the U.S. economy by providing good jobs, ensuring a market for next-generation biofuels, providing more cost-effective choices at the pump for consumers, and lessening our dependence on foreign oil," Chase says.

The EPA will have 270 days to decide whether or not to lift the arbitrary limit, during which there will be a period of public comment. The EPA can make a decision on the waiver at any time in the 270 day period.

Source: SD Corn Growers Association