High Tech Scoring in New Cotton Varieties

Companies introduce a number of new cotton varieties for 2007, including some making news at Beltwide.

Published on: Jan 10, 2007

Each year it seems more of the technology cotton growers take advantage comes in the form of the seed itself. Seed companies spend an amazing amount of effort on developing new varieties. A number of new varieties will be introduced in 2007. Here are some of them:

Stoneville has announced four new varieties for 2007.

• ST 4427B2RF is an early-mid variety with a storm tolerance score of 3 on a scale from 0-9, medium plant height and a bronze wilt resistance rating of 9 indicating superior resistance.

• ST5283RF is a medium maturity variety with medium storm tolerance and high resistance to bronze wilt.

• ST5327B2RF: Like ST5283RF above, this is also a medium maturity variety with medium storm tolerance and high resistance to bronze wilt.

• ST 6565B2RF. The company has also announced a full-season variety for 2007, ST 6565B2RF. This variety has superior resistance to bronze wilt.

Data about resistance to fusariaum wilt or verticillium wilt has not been released yet for Stoneville's new varieties.

NexGen is offering NG1572RF in 2007. This is an early maturing variety with excellent storm tolerance.

Delta and Pine Land, newly acquired by Monsanto, will introduce three new Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex varieties for the Southeast and Mid-South in 2007.

• DP 117 B2RF is a new early maturity variety that D&PL says has a storm resistance rating of 4. That is of interest to hurricane-prone regions in the Southeast and Midsouth. D&PL says it has also shown high yields on irrigated fields in these regions. Also, according to D&PL, this variety has shown potential for excellent fiber quality.

• DP 143 B2RF has a storm resistance rating of 5. D&PL notes it has a "great potential for high yield and premium fiber quality."

• DP 164 B2RF is a mid- to full-season variety that has a storm resistance rating of 5 and good stress tolerance. It has also shown good performance on mid-south and southeastern soils.

Delta and Pine Land will also introduce the new DP 515 BG/RR variety in 2007. This is a new mid- to full- season picker variety with Bollgard and Roundup Ready technology.

The company will introduce two new varieties combining Bollgard II and Roundup Ready technology in 2007.

• DP 393 is an early variety that D&PL believes offers growers both excellent yield potential and excellent quality potential. It has a storm resistance rating of 5

• DP 445 BG/RR is a mid-maturing variety, with a storm resistance rating of 3. St 445 also performed among D&PL's best compared to other new varieties in terms of crop value.

Dyna-Gro, a United Agri Products brand, will introduce DG2490 B2RF in 2007. This new variety contains Bollgard II and Roundup Ready Flex technology.

Bayer CropScience will also introduce FM1880 B2F in the Southeast this year. Company representative Herbert Young is slated to give a presentation on the variety at this year's Beltwide Cotton Conferences in New Orleans, La.