Hey, New York Farmers: Show You Love NY Agriculture!

New York's 'I love NY Agriculture' license plate supports agriculture and Ag in the Classroom.

Published on: May 16, 2013

Follow New York Ag Commissioner Darrel Aubertine's lead. Little over a week ago, "I went on the [Department of Motor Vehicles] website and purchase my very own 'I Love NY Agriculture' license plate. It's a sharp-looking license plate," says this farmer-leader, "that reflects my own love of agriculture here in New York State, and helps support a great cause."

The "I Love NY Agriculture" specialty plate, also known as the "Agriculture in the Classroom" plate, is available for passenger and commercial vehicles at a cost of $53.75 plus a $25 annual fee. That annual fee supports the state's Agriculture in the Classroom program.

Hey, New York Farmers: Show You Love NY Agriculture!
Hey, New York Farmers: Show You Love NY Agriculture!

Order it in person at any NYS DMV office, by telephone at 518-402-4838 or online at www.dmv.ny.gov/cplates.htm

Funding crucial ag education opportunities
New York Agriculture in the Classroom is a partnership of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, Cornell University, the NYS Education Department, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and New York Farm Bureau. The program works with pre-K through middle school teachers, Cornell Cooperative Extension and other community educators, farmers and producers, volunteers, parents, and community partners to increase agricultural literacy in the Empire State.

"New York Agriculture in the Classroom is proud to be able to use the funds generated by the license plate to promote, celebrate, and educate students across New York about agriculture," says State Coordinator Katie Bigness. "As our students become further removed from the farm and agricultural production, our program is growing in necessity. Funds generated from the license plate allow us to train more teachers how to integrate agriculture into their curriculum, and allows hundreds of students a chance to participate in food production themselves through in-school activities and school gardens."

NYAITC supports a number of agricultural education programs throughout the year, including: Agricultural Literacy Week, Kids Growing Food, an Art and Writing Contest, and Educator Workshops.