Headline Takes on Cotton Diseases

Cotton growers now can use Headline to control foliar, boll rot and seedling diseases.

Published on: Oct 3, 2007

Corn, soybean and peanut growers who wished they could use Headline on their cotton acres now can.

EPA recently added cotton to the label for Headline fungicide.

BASF leaders note one of the key advantages of a foliar application of Headline in cotton is the protection it provides against diseases so cotton plants are not stressed during the peak production period.

“This improves Plant Health at the most critical time in the cotton plant’s growth stage which helps deliver improved yield potential,” says Scott Asher, BASF technical services manager.

Since the application timing for Headline will be similar to the timing for an insecticide and/or Pentia spray, Asher says Headline can be tank-mixed with these products to make applications more efficient across the cotton fields. Headline may be applied by ground sprayer, aerial equipment or through sprinkler irrigation systems.

Target cotton diseases indicated on the label include foliar and boll rot diseases, such as Alternaria leaf spot, anthracnose, Ascochyta blight, Cercospora blight and leaf spot, Diplodia boll rot, hard lock, Phoma blight, rust and Stemphyllium leaf spot. Seedling diseases Rhizoctonia and Pythium are also on the label, but BASF recommends an in-furrow application.

For more information about Headline fungicide and other BASF crop protection products, visit www.agproducts.basf.com