Grow Organic Grain for Growing Organic Demand

Sign up for May 22 farm demonstration field day on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Published on: May 13, 2008

Field Day Slated for Farmers Interested in Organic Grain Production Registration requested by May 16

Demand for organic grain is growing quickly in response to increased consumer desire for certified products. And Bill Mason of Mason's Heritage farm at Queen Anne, Md., is capitalizing on it.

Mason, now in his third year of no-till for organic production, will host a field day on May 22. The event is sponsored by the Rodale Institute, Penn State University and Maryland Department of Agriculture.

It'll run from 2 to 6 p.m. Speakers will include local educators, plus researchers from Rodale and Penn State. Farmers interested in growing organic feed stocks and exploring this new marketing opportunity are encouraged to attend to learn about practices for no-till rotations, uses and benefits of cover crops, modified planting equipment, weed management and more. Pre-registration is requested by May 16.

"As consumer demand continues to grow each year for organic meat and milk, demand for organic grain continues to increase," says Maryland Ag Secretary Roger Richardson. "This is a good opportunity for farmers to create a sustainable supply of locally-grown organic grains and forage for livestock producers."

The field day field day is part of the Maryland Organic Grain and Forage workshop series being held throughout the year. Additional field days will be held throughout the summer, including one on the Western Shore.

The event is free, and will include a light dinner afterwards. But pre-registration is requested by May 16. Contact Kate Mason to register and receive directions at or 410-841-5779.