Group Formed to Increase Ethanol Awareness

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council formed by members in the ethanol industry to inform consumers about positive ethanol benefits. Compiled by staff

Published on: May 6, 2005

Recent research conducted by The Ethanol Promotion & Information Council, a new group formed to promote the positive benefits of ethanol and build demand, shows that many people are not yet familiar with ethanol, but when informed about its benefits, are likely to purchase ethanol-blended fuels.

"There is a great need for information about how ethanol benefits consumers," says Tom Slunecka, executive director for EPIC. "Through EPIC, members of the ethanol industry will work together to inform consumers about the positive benefits of ethanol and help develop new demand across the U.S."

The rising cost of fuel is not only causing near record gas prices, but other areas of the economy are also being affected. As a result, Americans are looking for ways to save money. One way to reduce fuel costs is to increase the use of ethanol-blended gasoline across the country.

Ethanol production is growing with 3.4 billion gallons produced in 2004. There are currently 83 ethanol plants positioned throughout the U.S. with more on the way.

"Ethanol is a highly refined product that is available to millions of consumers today," says Slunecka. "Yet the question remains, why isn't it available to everyone in all parts of the country?"

Ethanol has been shown to deliver major benefits to consumers. It is an environmentally friendly fuel, proven to reduce air pollutants and provides major performance benefits. It's also renewable and made in America.

A major misperception of ethanol is that it is harmful to cars. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Ethanol burns cleaner and doesn't leave harmful deposits in fuel systems. Since the early 80s when ethanol was introduced, all major auto manufacturers have approved the use of ethanol in their vehicles. In fact, the Indy Racing League announced this year that it will be switching to a 10% ethanol blend in 2006 and 100% ethanol blend in 2007 in its racecars.

In addition, consumers have helped to reduce the U.S. trade deficit by $5 billion dollars and eliminated the need to import 143.3 million barrels of oil.

According to Slunecka, "Ethanol is a high-tech fuel providing the opportunity for everyone to make a positive impact on their environment while increasing their car's performance. And using ethanol is something that we can do right now."

"Informed consumers have a greater ability to impact change. It's time that consumers are getting the full picture about their energy choices," says Slunecka.