GreenStone Professional Honored By NAMA

Melissa Rogers named Outstanding Professional of the Year for work as advisor for MSU chapter.

Published on: May 14, 2013

There are 32 student National Agri-Marketing Association chapters at various universities throughout the United States and Canada, however there is only one Outstanding Professional of the Year honored each year.

GreenStone's vice president of marketing and public relations, Melissa Rogers, was recently honored for her work as an advisor to the organization's Michigan State University (MSU) student chapter.

The award recognizes an outstanding professional involved with a NAMA student chapter who goes above and beyond to improve the quality of the students' experience in the program. Rogers was nominated for the recognition by the students she advises in the MSU NAMA chapter, making the award extra special.

GreenStone Professional Honored By NAMA
GreenStone Professional Honored By NAMA

"Like all GreenStone employees, Melissa is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of agricultural leaders," says Jack Kelly, GreenStone's executive vice president of customer delivery. "Her work with the MSU student NAMA chapter is a perfect example of GreenStone employees connecting with youth leaders to help engage them in our industry."

Rogers, a MSU alumna herself, was a member of the NAMA student chapter during her time at the university, and finds personal fulfillment in continuing to work with the club.

"While it is ultimately my hope that I provide value to the chapter through the ideas and experience I share, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge my involvement is equally self-beneficial," says Rogers. "Not only does it allow me to keep a hand on the pulse of our industry's future leaders, I also get to be a part of transforming these young adults into professionals."

Rogers adds, "The work ethic, focus, skills, and even the comradely that they develop is motivating; I'm thankful for what they teach me and for the opportunity to work with them each year and give back to the organization that was so influential during my own college years."

 "During the two years that I have been involved with NAMA, Melissa has helped out tremendously with the project, whether it be critiquing our presentation or allowing us to meet at her house to practice before the conference" says Ronni Brown, the group's director of publications. "She more than deserves this award for all of the hard work she has done with MSU NAMA."

The award was presented during the 2013 Agri-Marketing Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri.