Greene County's Bert Dixon Produces NC's Top Yielding Beans In 2012

Award winning yield was produced with 55 lbs/A of Asgrow's AG6732 Variety.

Published on: Feb 6, 2013

The highest soybean yield produced in North Carolina this year, as recorded in the 2012 N.C Soybean Yield Contest, was 92.5 Bu/A (bushels per acre) by Bert Dixon of E.H Dixon Farms. The award was announced, Jan. 17, at the 24th Annual Joint Commodities Conference in Durham, North Carolina.

Dixon raised his top yielding soybeans with Asgrow's AG6732 variety, planted double-crop behind wheat on June 30. The soybeans were planted in 30-inch rows at 55 pounds of seed per acre. His county Extension agent is Roy Thaggard, Jr.

North Carolina State University's Tom Melton, deputy director of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, made the award announcements. He noted this year's top yield was produced against some excellent competition.

EVER UPWARD: In 2012 North Carolina growers set a new state record for soybean yields.
EVER UPWARD: In 2012 North Carolina growers set a new state record for soybean yields.

"This year's soybean contest produced more 60-bushel yields than any year in history," Melton said, "54 of them." Not only that, he went on to add, but the state, overall, set a new record yield per acre in 2012.

Melton proceeded to announce the regional yield winners for the state in 2012.

• The second highest soybean yield in the state was 90.2 Bu/A, produced by Travis Starnes in Union County.  Travis also planted Asgrow's AG4730, on May 22, in 15-inch rows, at 35 pounds of seed per acre.  His county Extension agent is Andrew Baucom.

• The third highest yield in the state came out of the Southern Piedmont area.  Gene Hunter, in Mecklenburg County, produced 85.5 Bu/A with Asgrow's AG4730, planted on May 3 in 7-1/2 inch rows.  He planted 109,000 seeds per acre.  

• The highest yield submitted from the Tidewater area was from Renee Pendleton, from Pasquotank County, at 85.1 Bu/A. Renee planted Pioneer's 93Y92  on May 10, in 20-inch rows, at 40 pounds of seed per acre.  Her county Extension agent is Al Wood.

• The highest yield in the Northern Piedmont area was 76.2 Bu/A, produced by Matthews Family Farms, from Yadkin County.  Kevin Matthews and his family planted Pioneer's 94Y70 on May 26, in 20-inch rows, at 125,000 seeds per acre.  Their county Extension agent is Jack Loudermilk.

• The highest yield in the Southern Coastal Plain area this year was 69.6 Bu/A, produced by Moses Farmer, of Harnett County. Farmer planted Asgrow's AG7231 to produce his excellent yield. He planted on June 12, double-crop beans behind wheat, in 24-inch rows, at 135,000 seeds per acre.  His county Extension agent is Brian Parrish.

The soybean awards are sponsored by the N.C. Soybean Producers Association. N.C. State University Cooperative Extension administers the contest.

The Annual Joint Commodities Conference is the combined conference of the soybean, small grain, corn and cotton grower associations in the state.