Got Moo-la? is the Resource Your Business Needs

Wisconsin DATCP can point you in the right direction with its frequently updated publication.

Published on: May 1, 2012

The common saying goes, "It's not what you know; it's who you know." In business, knowing who to talk to and where to go can be the key to success. And, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) can point you in the right direction with its frequently updated publication, Got Moo-la?

"Carl Rainey has put together one of the most comprehensive listings of business services available. Got Moo-la? provides hundreds of contacts,  planning ideas and lists of sources for grants and loans," said Mike Powers, DATCP's Division Administrator of Agricultural Development. "Whether a person is thinking about a small business or looking to expand, paging through Got Moo-la? is a great place to start."

Got Moo-la? is the Resource Your Business Needs
Got Moo-la? is the Resource Your Business Needs

The resource, Got Moo-la?, is an 80-page book available electronically at Got Moo-la? includes lists of banks for small businesses, sources of debt and equity financing, grants, agricultural professional organizations, academic assistance, private consultants, government agencies, grant writing assistance and business planning information.

Carl Rainey, a DATCP Business Consultant, began Got Moo-la? in 2003 when he realized there was no single source document like this available. Got Moo-la? is continually updated about every 10 days online.

In each category, the book gives a brief description of the services available and contact information where you can learn more. Economic development groups, local chambers of commerce, lenders and bankers should keep Got Moo-la? close at hand to answer their clients' requests.

"We need to get Got Moo-la?  in the hands of anyone looking to do business activity," explained Rainey. "Who wouldn't want access to this free resource that anyone can take, use and modify to suit their needs?"

"Professors and students looking to fund their research in agriculture, the life sciences or health may never think of a resource like this, but Got Moo-la? can help locate support for their project and move it through the steps to make it a reality," concluded Rainey. "If the resources in Got Moo-la? can assist one more person to stay in Wisconsin, it supports our state's future and our economy."

Rainey, who also offers assistance for value-added businesses in market development, research, sourcing capitol, product development and business planning, welcomes suggestions or additions for Got Moo-la?. Contact Rainey at or 608-224-5139.