Get Correct I.D. for Early-season Weeds

Several web sites can help you name - and control - your early-season weeds.

Published on: May 10, 2007

As temperatures warm up in the spring, no-till fields or fields with delayed tillage can rapidly "green up" from the growth of winter and early-summer annual weed species. A review of these species can help make sure there is a correct identification of what's currently growing in the field, since that is the first step to effective control. Some of the early season weeds may be less common to some producers and possibly more difficult to identify for control purposes

Two different University of Illinois Web sites can help. Both provide color photos of the species, says John Church, a U o fI Extension educator in Rockford.

Looking for control recommendations and thresholds? Check out the 2007 University of Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook on the web at