Georgia Cotton Growers Vote On Commission's Reaffirmation

Georgia Cotton Commission vote will run Feb. 4 - March 5.

Published on: Jan 25, 2013

The 1969 Agricultural Commodities Promotion Act stipulates that agricultural commodity commissions be reaffirmed by a producer vote every three years.  A favorable vote of 66 2/3% of those producers voting must be received in order for each commission to continue their programs of research, promotion and education.  The Georgia Cotton Commission has been in operation serving producers since 1965, and encourages Georgia's cotton producers to cast their votes when they receive their ballots in the mail.

Cotton is the most widely grown row crop in the state and the Georgia Cotton Commission is funded through a per bale assessment paid by all cotton producers.  The Commission acts as steward of these funds and invests in numerous, comprehensive program activities to benefit the cotton growers and Georgia's cotton industry in general.  Some of these activities include, and are not limited to: support of funding comprehensive research efforts; producer and consumer education opportunities; 4-H and FFA promotion and education activities; Georgia Young Farmer programs; hosts a comprehensive cotton exhibit at consumer and ag industry events; maintains an educational website at

Georgia Cotton Growers Vote On Commissions Reaffirmation
Georgia Cotton Growers Vote On Commission's Reaffirmation

The Commission supports the National Cotton Council and Southern Cotton Growers, Inc., and acts as liaison between our growers and these organizations.  In turn, the Council and Southern provide a unified voice representing the interests of Georgia's producers.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture will mail the ballots to each grower and anyone who doesn't receive one may contact the Commodities Promotion Division at 1.800.282.5852.