Fyfanon Plus ULV Registered for Cotton

Cheminova gets federal approval for malathion/gamma cyhalothrin combo.

Published on: Nov 30, 2010

The EPA has approved registration for Fyfanon Plus ULV insecticide from Cheminova, Inc., for use on cotton.

Tech Services Director Jim Barrentine says Cheminova is currently working on state registrations of the product, which he says is a pre-mixed combination of malathion and gamma cyhalothrin -- the most active pyrethroid known, allowing for the lowest use rate of any comparable pesticide. "Malathion provides superior performance against a broad range of insect pests, so this combination is a powerful, new tool for cotton producers."

Barrentine says the Ultra Low Volume application of Fyfanon Plus ULV provides a low cost aerially-applied treatment for both nymph and adult plant bugs which contains residual activity to allow for fewer treatments.

He explains the product is to be used at from 12 to 16 ounces per acre, mixed with refined vegetable oil added to provide a one-quart spray solution per acre.