FrackNation Exposes Vaporous Gasland Facts On Marcellus 'Fracking'

Watch FrackNation, a film about how environmentalists 'fracked' the facts about Pennsylvania Marcellus shale hydraulic fracturing in Gasland movie.

Published on: Feb 18, 2013

If you live in the Northeast, you've no doubt heard plenty about the fracking controversy over drilling the Marcellus and Utica shales for methane. Now you can watch on cable television or purchase a DVD of the new documentary FrackNation

The film exposes fabrications found in the also controversial documentary Gasland. It tells the truth about hydraulic fracturing, contends James Willis, editor of Marcellus Drilling News.

Investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer delights in laying bare the misstatements and outright lies told by the so-called green movement. His documentary, FrackNation, tackles the hottest environmental topic currently being debated around the world.

FrackNation Exposes Vaporous Gasland Facts On Marcellus Fracking
FrackNation Exposes Vaporous Gasland Facts On Marcellus 'Fracking'

In brief, Gasland claimed that "big oil and gas" is intentionally harming the health and well-being of individuals and families to make big money from fundamentally unsafe fracking. Its most dramatic image was that of a flaming faucet at Dimock, Pa., supposedly caused by methane in the water due to nearby fracking.

Gasland Producer Josh Fox opened with, as Willis calls it, "a yarn worthy of Mark Twain," claiming he received an offer of nearly $5,000 per acre to lease his family's 20 acres of land in the Catskill Mountain area of northeast Pennsylvania. Phelim, however, discovered it as just a sample lease created by a local landowner group, and that no such lease was actually offered.

Phelim examined Gasland's claims closely, starting with Dimock, to find the truth about fracking, flaming faucets, air pollution and whether or not there's a connection between them. From there, to the Midwest, to the West Coast and then on to England, Russia and Poland, he interviewed numerous scientists weaving the not-so-complicated story of what was true, what wasn't, who's funding the opposition to fracking, and why they want it stopped.

FrackNation is currently playing on Dish Network and DIRECTV. You may also purchase a copy on DVD online.

Courtesy of Marcellus Drilling New