Food for Progress Assistance Announced

USDA will provide international assistance of more than $212 million.

Published on: Dec 18, 2008

Ag Secretary Ed Schaefer has announced plans for 212-million dollars in international assistance under Food for Progress in the current fiscal year of 2009. The commodity donations will benefit more than 7.5 million people in 13 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

"Food for Progress has consistently helped developing countries advance economic reform and expand private enterprise," said Schafer. "We have done a world of good, providing electric power for rural families in the Philippines and training hundreds of school teachers in Mozambique, and with today's announcement, we will continue to do much more."

The new allocations include more than 280-thousand metric tons of U.S. wheat and wheat flour, soybean and vegetable oil, soybean meal and yellow corn that will be purchased on the U.S. market and donated by USDA. The commodities will go to private voluntary organizations and foreign governments that will implement agricultural and rural development projects, while helping to address food shortages.