'Focus on Cotton' Webcast Resource Available

New resource features monthly webcasts from noted experts in the cotton industry.

Published on: Feb 20, 2013

Cotton Incorporated and the Plant Management Network have just launched Focus on Cotton, a crop management resource for growers, crop consultants, CCAs, and other practitioners in the cotton industry. It's located at Plant Management Network website.

This new resource features monthly webcasts from noted experts in the cotton industry. These webcasts ensure growers and crop consultants in the cotton industry have access to the best, research-backed management practices for the field.

For the first month of publication, available now the network launched three webcasts:

Focus on Cotton Webcast Resource Available
'Focus on Cotton' Webcast Resource Available

•'Conservation Tillage for Weed Control' by Dr. Stanley Culpepper, Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist at the University of Georgia

•'Management of Tarnished Plant Bugs' by Dr. Jeff Gore, Assistant Research Professor at Mississippi State University's Delta Research and Extension Center

•'Fusarium Wilt of Cotton' by Dr. Mike Davis, Extension Specialist and Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of California-Davis

These and future audio-visual presentations are fully open access and will offer practical information and guidance in various areas of crop management, including weeds, nutrients, irrigation, diseases, and insects. Collectively, they will apply to all areas of the U.S. where cotton is grown. Focus on Cotton also features links to fact sheets and management recommendations from Cotton Incorporated and resources from the Plant Management Network.

Among PMN's free resources is the PMN University Partner Extension Search, a keyword search that pulls extension information from PMN's partnering land-grant universities. PMN's subscription-based content includes applied, peer-reviewed journals; fungicide, nematicide, and insecticide trials; and image collections.