Flood Information Site Fires Up

NDSU offers resources to help cope with expected flooding.

Published on: Mar 5, 2009

More heavy snow last week has increased the odds for major flooding in the Red River Valley.

In response, the North Dakota State University Extension Service launched its flood information Web site, www.ag.ndsu.edu/disaster/flood.html.  

The information on the site can help you protect farms, ranches and homes for a flood and deal with the effects of flooding.

"This flood information Web page provides up-to-date, research-based information for homeowners, farmers, ranchers and anyone else who wants help in protecting themselves, their families and their property," says Ken Hellevang, NDSU Extension agricultural engineer.

Here are some of the topics by category:


  • Sandbagging for flood protection
  • Avoiding groundwater damage to homes
  • Septic systems and flooding
  • Cleaning and repairing flooded basements
  • Restoring heating systems after a flood


  • Safety of frozen foods after a power failure
  • Handling food through floods
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Cleaning your flooded or water-damaged home
  • Cleaning flood-soiled clothing and bedding

Insurance and fraud

  • Filing insurance claims
  • What you need to know about federal disaster assistance
  • Beware of fraud in disaster-struck areas

Family information

  • Dealing with stress after a disaster
  • Helping your child cope with disaster

Farm and ranch

  • Flooded farm vehicles and equipment
  • Salvaging crops after flooding
  • Protecting livestock during a flood

The site also has links to information from other universities and organizations such as the Extension Disaster Education Network and American Red Cross.

Source: NDSU Extension Communications