Find Forage on Feedlist

North Daktota Feedlist connects forage buyers and sellers.

Published on: May 27, 2008

If you have forage for sale or pasture to rent, list it free on a NDSU database on the Internet.

Called Feedlist, the database is at  

It shows what each seller has to sell, storage method (large round bales, small bales, etc.) and contact information.

Prospective buyers can check the Web site, select what they want to buy and contact prospective sellers to do a deal.

There is no charge to buyers or sellers for using the NDSU Extension Service Feedlist.

To make an entry on Feedlist, buyers and sellers can contact a county office of the NDSU Extension Service or submit entries to the list via an online form.

Once hay has been sold or a purchase has been made, contact your county Extension office to have the entry removed. North Dakota residents without Internet access can view Feedlist at any county Extension office.

Feedlist has been available during feed shortages since the late 1970s.

"Rental pastures, custom feeding and other feed sources are welcome and encouraged as part of the list," says Greg Lardy, NDSU Extension beef cattle specialist.

Surrounding states have similar services and are linked to the Feedlist Web page.

Other drought information is available through the NDSU Extension Service at  

Source: NDSU Agriculture Communication