Fifty-one Watersheds Selected for 2007 Conservation Security Program

Nearly 24 million acres added to program across the nation.

Published on: Sep 25, 2006

USDA selected 51 new watersheds for enrollment in the 2007 Conservation Security Program, covering a total of nearly 24 million acres of cropland and grazing land. USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service began CSP in fiscal year 2004. The voluntary program rewards farmers for ongoing conservation practices. Currently, there are 280 watersheds in CSP nationwide, covering nearly 224 million acres.

Based upon President Bush's requested funding level for the program for fiscal year 2007, 51 additional watersheds would be eligible for enrollment. Eligible watersheds are being announced now to allow farmers and ranchers adequate time to gather resource information on their operations in preparation for a prospective sign-up.

A list of the eligible watersheds can be viewed at USDA offers CSP in new watersheds annually on a rotational basis in as many watersheds as funding allows.