FiberMax Gains Market Share

Bayer CropSciences cotton varieties show promise in performance trials. Compiled by staff

Published on: Sep 24, 2004

Bayer CropScience announces that FiberMax cotton varieties have acquired a 24% market share among planted cotton acres in the United States. According to USDA-AMS data, since its introduction in 1998, FiberMax has accelerated to the second most-planted cotton seed brand in the country in 2004.

"We’ve worked hard to build the FiberMax brand throughout the past six years and hope U.S. cotton growers help us continue to grow the brand in the future," says Monty Christian, FiberMax director of marketing.

"This is an exciting time in the cotton industry," he continues. "Growers can count on FiberMax to provide cotton varieties that produce quality and yield."

Liberty Link varieties yield well

Bayer CropScience notes the excellent performance of its LibertyLink® Cotton varieties during their first commercial year in 2004. FM 832LL, FM 958LL, FM 966LL, FM 981LL and FM 5035LL are tolerant to IGNITE® herbicide and offer growers a new option in weed control while providing top-performing, quality cotton varieties.

"Preliminary indications for 2004 indicate excellent variety performance in commercial production," says Cottonseed Product Development Manager Jane Dever, Ph.D. "Results from 2003 Official Variety Trials (OVT) show FM 966LL is a top yield-performer among earlier maturing varieties in the Mid-South. FM 958LL ranked high in yield and had the best staple length."

Looking at trials in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, Dever reports FM 966LL and FM 958LL were the number one and number two yielding early varieties in Blackville, S.C., where FM 981LL had better yield than FM 989 and FM 989BR.

"The LibertyLink varieties were among the top 15 varieties in a 60-entry test at Lamesa, in West Texas. The first OVTs of 2004 were recently harvested in Corpus Christi and Weslaco and FM 832LL will be a top-performing variety for South Texas," states Dever.

With four picker varieties and one stripper variety carrying the LibertyLink technology, growers have a broad selection of varieties to fit their needs. FM 832LL is an okra-leaf variety with good water efficiency, vigorous growth and good fiber characteristics. Growers in South Texas, Louisiana and southern Mississippi will find this mid-full season variety suitable.

FM 958LL is early maturing with large, storm-tolerant bolls that produce excellent fiber quality. This variety fits well in the southern High Plains, the Coastal Bend of Texas as well as the North Delta, especially the Bootheel of Missouri.