Fertilizer Demand Tied to Ethanol Demand

Fertilizer companies look to bump up production to meet new demand for corn fertilizer.

Published on: Mar 16, 2007

With demand for corn-based ethanol production driving corn prices - and acres - upward, fertilizer demand and prices will likely increase until production catches up with demand.

A Reno-based company, Itronics Inc., plans to expand its fertilizer brand for use on corn crops. Utah State University research is looking at the effectiveness of the environmentally friendly fertilizer. The brand is currently used mainly in California, where some growers are taking acres out of cotton in favor of corn.

"We see a promising role for GOLD’n GRO fertilizers in meeting nutritional needs for the expanding U.S. corn crop," says Itronics Chairman Dr. John Whitney. "The rapidly rising demand for ethanol, which is derived from corn, requires increased acreage and yields."