Federal Crop Insurance Deadline March 15

That's the date for 14 spring-planted crops in Nebraska. Compiled by staff  

Published on: Nov 15, 2005

Nebraska producers of 14 spring-planted crops have until March 15 to sign up for federally subsidized crop insurance.

This is also the deadline to make any changes to existing policies, according to USDA's Risk Management Agency.

As producers wonder about how trade negotiations will affect government programs, one thing seems clear: crop insurance subsidies are nearly completely in the "green box," protected from whatever the results of international agreements. Many producers may be thinking about that as they make their risk management plans this year.

The 14 insurable Nebraska crops that share the March 15 deadline are: wheat, oats, millet, forage seeding, sugar beets, corn, popping corn, beans, grain sorghum, hybrid seed corn, sunflowers, soybeans, potatoes, and barley.

Not every crop is insurable in every county. Producers wanting to sign up for crop insurance, or those who wish to make changes to their existing policies, must contact a crop insurance agent before the March 15 deadline.