Farmers Pick Their Next U.S. President

Rick Santorum received most votes by Northeast farmers and ruralists in a presidential election poll during New York Farm Show.

Published on: Feb 27, 2012

By Noon Thursday, word quickly spread that American Agriculturist was conducting a presidential election poll at the New York Farm Show. Exhibitors and farming visitors from eight Northeast states stopped at the exhibit throughout the show, some more than once, to check the latest numbers posted on the board.

Some 387 persons weighed in on the presidential election farmer poll. Some congregated at the display. Some whipped out cell and smart phones to take a picture.

Early Friday morning, a radio program announced that President Barack Obama had received only 3% of Thursday's vote. That was an error. In checking the posted results, someone had wiped out the "1" in front of the number "3" on the Obama tally.

PHOTO MOMENT: A New York Farm Show visitor catches American Agriculturists  posted poll results on her smart phone.
PHOTO MOMENT: A New York Farm Show visitor catches American Agriculturist's posted poll results on her smart phone.

The question read: "If the election for President of the United States were held today, which candidate would you most likely vote for?" Here is how the candidates ranked:

Barack Obama


Newt Gingrich


Ron Paul


Mitt Romney


Rick Santorum


No Answer



The majority of those casting votes opposed the re-election of President Barack Obama. While Rick Santorum earned the most votes during all three days, voters looking for choices other than President Obama were most vociferous about the lack of a strong Republican candidate.

As one farmer grumbled, "If Republicans don't get their heads out of their......, we'll have four more years." A number asked as they read the question, "Do you have another option?"

Preferences in this presidential election poll differed markedly between the Thursday-Friday polling results and the Saturday results. The first two days were more dominated by full-time farmers, while Saturday brought more rural non-farmers into the mix.

President Obama and Ron Paul received higher percentage of all votes cast on Saturday than on the first two days. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum pulled substantially more votes on Thursday and Friday. And the percentage registering "No Answer" mushroomed on Saturday.

The bottom of this presidential election poll? The agricultural community, at least in the Northeast, may be as undecided on a Republican candidate as mainstream America is at this point.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really am not trying to blow stuff out of perspective or come off as a fanatic or anything. I certainly do not support any individual or business that neglects animals in their care; it is not right to cut corners at the animals' expense or to create situations of neglect due only to personal lazyness. What I am trying to say is that as people in agriculture, especially those in animal agriculture, we need to keep a pretty close eye on who is allies with who. I have seen how the HSUS operates - they are relentless and they seem dead set on convincing the public that cattlemen in this country wake up, drink a little coffee while they read the paper, and then head out to beat defensless animals all day. As a sixth generation beef producer, I take a huge amount of offense to that. If they were of no threat to animal agriculture they would not campaign against the image of farmers and ranchers like they do; go to one of their websites and see what their members say about us - I assure you that there is nothing positive there. The HSUS will not view Santorum as their puppy mill guy, they will take it to the next step and go after all businesses that deal with animals. A lot of senators signed that puppy mill agrement that day, but Santorum is the one who aligned with Pacelle and the HSUS - something more happened there than a slap on the back 'thanks for helping with the puppy mill problem' I think. And again, I'm not trying to be political and say who should vote for who, and I am not trying to be a crazy person, I just think it is important that farmers and ranchers are aware that HSUS financially supports Santorum. We can be a society that values animal life and fulfills our responsibility to treat creatures humanely - both food animals and the rest - without the questionable insight of vegan organizations or regulatory burdens from the government.

  2. J. Vogel says:

    Keep things in perspective. That was in 2005, and then Senator Santorum was taking aim at puppy mills, not animal agriculture. Puppy mills were a pathetic and huge problem, particularly in Pennsylvania. Consider this Santorum quote from Associated Press: "To me, it's part of a society that's caring, sensitive to life," Santorum said in a recent interview. "Obviously, the life of animals is fundamentally different than the life of a human being. But to me, we have a responsibility to God's creatures to treat them humanely, and the government's laws should reflect that."

  3. Anonymous says:

    Everyone with livestock should read this before casting their vote.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that farmers are supporting Rick Santorum; the man is strongly financially supported by HSUS and PETA, and is friends with Wayne Pacelle of HSUS. This information should be headlines on every farm website and newspaper so we do not make the mistake of putting him in office. Make Rick President and we can forget about animal agriculture in this country. He would probably make Pacelle Secretary of Agriculture. There is a terrifying thought.

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