Farm Progress Preparations Right on Schedule

Corn is tasseling and should be ready for harvesting during the show.

Published on: Jul 6, 2010

After such a beautiful early spring, farmers in the Midwest have recently been plagued by torrential rains and flooding.  Boone, Iowa experienced flooding similar to 2008 with the Des Moines River flowing out of its banks. Many roads in the area have been closed including U.S. Highway 30. Because of the infrastructure put in place in 2008 at the Farm Progress Show, preparations have been able to proceed as planned with several companies constructing new buildings and adding rock to their lots.

The crops at the Farm Progress Show in Boone were planted right on schedule, April 14 and 15. Hybrids planted ranged from 78 - 80 day corn. As of July 1, corn at the Farm Progress Show is tasseled and some even brown silked. Right on schedule for harvesting at the show!

About one third of the field demonstration acres were planted in twin rows with a Great Plains planter. The current plan is for these acres to be harvested on Tuesday of the Farm Progress Show, August 31st. Wednesday and Thursday’s field demonstration fields were planted with a Kinze 3660 twin-line planter.  The final decision will be made later this summer as to which fields are harvested on what days.

A special thanks to Channel, Crop Production Services, Agrigold for supplying field demonstration inputs, Great Plains and Kinze Manufacturing for the use of planters, Case IH for the use of a tractor and Kinze Manufacturing the use of the planter to be used in the seed technology plots.

Lots at the Farm Progress Show start out grass covered and exhibitors may choose to keep the grass, add wood chips at show time or permanently cover their lot with rock. This photo shows the Unverferth lot that will be covered with rock at show time. The first step is to core the lot, establish a good base, add rock and then pack it. Rock provides a good foundation for exhibits and holds up if there is any rain during the show.

Dow Agrosciences and Mycogen Seed have a technology plot located directly on their lot at the Farm Progress Show in Boone. Dow and Mycogen are located on lot #122. For more information on their exhibit, visit the interactive map on and click on their lot to see what they are planning for the show.

This is an exhibit that has had rock applied to it this year. These lots will house the Monsanto exhibit during the 2010 Farm Progress Show.

Second cutting of alfalfa is being mowed on the Farm Progress Show parking lots. The host farmer expects to harvest one more crop before the Farm Progress Show begins on August 31.

The final process of adding rock to an exhibitor’s lot is rolling. This packs the rock and makes for a hard, smooth finish. These lots will be occupied by Dekalb during the Farm Progress Show.

Sentinal Buildings constructed a building for their display on lot #1034 at the Farm Progress Show.

Five hundred trash carts were delivered to the Farm Progress Show site on Thursday, July 1. These trash carts will replace the dumpster and trash boxes that have been used in the past.

A closer look at the new trash carts that will be used during the Farm Progress Show. The carts do need to have their wheels added prior to being able to be used. The Open Bible Church volunteer group will be helping to complete that task.

One day of combining demonstrations at the Farm Progress Show will be on twin row corn. This corn was planted on April 14 and 15. As you can see, it has already begun to tassel!