Farm Bureau Reelects Stallman as President

Few changes seen in top AFBF leadership ranks. Compiled by staff 

Published on: Jan 11, 2006

The American Farm Bureau Federation state delegates re-elected Stallman, a cattle and rice producer from Columbus, Texas, to a fourth two-year term as president, and re-elected Steve Appel, a wheat and barley producer from Dusty, Wash., as vice president.

In addition, several state presidents were newly elected to the AFBF board of directors: Leland Hogan, Utah; Michael White, New Mexico; Scott VanderWal, South Dakota; Marshall Coyle, Kentucky; Lacy Upchurch, Tennessee; and Jerry Newby, Alabama.

Re-elected to the board were:

Midwest Region – Steve Baccus, Kansas; Charles Kruse, Missouri; and Philip Nelson, Illinois.

Southern Region – Bruce Hiatt, Virginia; Carl Loop, Florida; Stanley Reed, Arkansas; David Waide, Mississippi; and David Winkles, South Carolina.

Northeast Region – John Lincoln, New York, and Earl “Buddy” Hance, Maryland.

Western Region – Barry Bushue, Oregon.

Jerry Barr of Madisonville, Tenn., became the new chairman of the AFBF Young Farmer and Rancher Committee, which also makes him a member of the AFBF board of directors.

Terry Gilbert of Kentucky continues to serve as chair of the AFB Women’s Committee and on the AFBF board of directors.

Re-elected to the Women’s Committee board of directors were Beth Poole, New Jersey; Frances Price, South Carolina; and Margene Harris, New Mexico. Newly elected to the board was Nancy Degnitz of Wisconsin.