Farm Bill, Trade Advancements Necessary for Meat Exports

U.S. Meat Export Federation officials review status of exports at annual planning meeting this week

Published on: Nov 6, 2013

China is another potential market for U.S. beef that has been shuttered since the BSE outbreak.

"There's tremendous growth in China as that economy continues to perform and for the last ten years it’s a market we've been left out of," Seng said.

Though he admits it takes a long time to return to a market, he said USMEF is interested in government negotiations that may return U.S. beef to the Chinese marketplace.

Ractopamine keeps U.S. meat out of Russia

Russian markets continue to be closed to U.S. meat on concerns of Ractopamine residue, but USMEF's John Brook, regional director for Europe, Russia and the Middle East, said the industry is working to put together a program that conforms to Russian requirements.

Currently progress is being made, Brook said, but there continue to be hiccups in working with veterinary offices in Russia. He said there is potential that Russia will redistribute its meat quota delegated to the U.S. to other countries.

"While Russia has quite a bit of demand for meat at the moment, they are not rushing after it," he said. "Hopefully we will see that engagement accelerate now between the veterinary services in the United States and their Russian counterparts, and that progress will be made to reopen that market early in 2014."

Brook said, however, that he is confident the desire to import U.S. meat into Russia is still alive.

Trade negotiations

A bright spot in the meat industry, Seng said, are opportunities with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations.