Ethanol Helping Drivers Save Money

E85 prices from 90 cents to $1 lower at the pump.

Published on: Jun 23, 2011

New data confirm earlier reports that renewable fuels such as ethanol are saving drivers money by lowering gas prices at the pump.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board has found reports of E85 prices at $0.90 to $1 lower than the price of regular unleaded gasoline. The savings from purchasing E10 are also increasing, as E10 prices are typically 10 cents per gallon lower, and in some cases, up to 15 cents lower than regular unleaded, says Todd Sneller, Nebraska Ethanol Board administrator.

E10, a blend of gasoline and 10% ethanol, can be used in any vehicle. Higher ethanol blends for use in Flex Fuel Vehicles, such as E30, can also offer significant savings for drivers.

"It's important that as gas prices increase, Nebraska drivers know they have options," says Sneller. "Even in the face of volatile gas prices, ethanol is helping people save money at the pump and reducing foreign oil imports."

Motorists in Nebraska used 850 million gallons of gasoline and ethanol in 2010, but the ethanol industry produces more than 220% of Nebraska's motor fuels demand, making Nebraska a net exporter of motor fuels.

"Nebraska's contribution to the state and national motor fuel supply will continue to increase as higher ethanol blends move into the marketplace and our production of ethanol increases in 2011," according to Steve Hanson, Ethanol Board chairman.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board will be promoting the use of E85 and ethanol blended fuels this summer at events such as the Nebraska State Fair, Husker Harvest Days, the Lancaster County Fair, and point of sale promotions at E85 and ethanol blend locations across Nebraska.

The effort is part of the Ethanol Board's FFV Awareness Campaign in cooperation with the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Energy Office and USDA Rural Development. There are nearly 100,000 Flex Fuel Vehicles in Nebraska, which can run on any blend of gasoline and ethanol up to E85.

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