EPA Gives Go Ahead; TwinLink Registered In U.S.

EPA gives the go ahead for Bayer CropScience's TwinLink technology.

Published on: Jan 27, 2012

Bayer CropScience has received EPA OK for its TwinLink technology in the U.S. and anticipates having it in FiberMax and Stoneville cotton varieties in 2013, pending regulatory approvals in key import countries.

EPA cleared the insect-resistant and herbicide-tolerant traits in the U.S. on Thursday, Jan. 26, says Paul Callaghan, Bayer CropScience, global cotton traits manager.

TwinLink has the Cry1 AC and Cry2AE genes for insect resistance as well as tolerance to glyphosate, GlyTol and Liberty herbicide.

When commercialized, TwinLink will be offered in a stack with GlyTol, Bayer Crop Science's proprietary glyphosate tolerance technology, making it the first herbicide and dual-gene insect technology for cotton.

"The stack will be the first dual-gene insect and herbicide tolerance in cotton," Callaghan says. "It will allow farmers to manage pests and weeds that reduce yields and fiber quality as well as prevent the onset of weed and pest resistance."

Bayer will test the technology in elite FiberMax and Stoneville germplasm in 2012. "We're hoping to have several FiberMax and Stonville varieties to release in 2013," Callaghan said in announcing EPA's regulatory approval in a conference call with reporters.

While anticipating it will have TwinLink available in cotton varieties for 2013, Bayer "is looking for complete approval from key import countries before we put it out," Callaghan says.

So far, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the U.S. have granted approval to the technology. The company is waiting on approval from Mexico, Japan and Korea.

Callaghan points out that "this is not the end-all from a trait standpoint." Bayer is currently working on a next-generation insect trait that is a three-trait stack.