EPA Asked to Approve E-12 Interim Rule

Ethanol groups say EPA must act on ethanol blend wall issue.

Published on: Jul 27, 2010

The American Coalition for Ethanol, National Corn Growers Association and Renewable Fuels Association wrote a letter Monday to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson asking her to formally approve the use of E-12 for all motor vehicles as an immediate interim step pending any ongoing additional testing on E-15. The letter points out decreasing dependence on foreign oil is key to the nation's environmental, energy and security policy. The groups state EPA must provide a practical and workable solution to the ethanol blend-wall issue soon. They say allowing E-12 as an interim step to a full E-15 waiver is a step to solving the immediate problem.

In the letter, the groups also point out previous EPA findings, policy positions and research to demonstrate the importance of approving E-12. They say EPA has a clear basis and the authority to approve E-12. Even though they think delay on E-15 is unnecessary and will slow progress on expanding the use of ethanol, the groups say approval of E-12 is a vital step EPA can and should take.