Emergency Stockpile

University of Missouri provides Web resources for locating forages and feed.

Published on: Oct 27, 2006

Drought conditions may have you looking at short pastures and an empty hay shed. If your decision is to find feedstuffs for your livestock, here is a resource listing hay for sale and a source of byproduct feedstuffs, compiled by Barry Steevens, University of Missouri Extension dairy specialist

This hay listing includes sellers' names, addresses and phone numbers. Hay is sorted by type such as grass or alfalfa. Bale type is described as small square, large square, round and baleage. In addition, if the hay has been analyzed, nutritional information such as crude protein and first or second cutting is included.

This byproduct feed list gives a number of feedstuffs with the company's current price, address and phone number. Some of the common by-products listed can easily be incorporated into beef and dairy cattle diets include soy hulls, corn gluten feed, wheat midds, brewers grain, distillers grains, and hominy.

"In some instances the cost of energy and protein from the byproducts will be a better buy than from hay," Steevens says. "Consult with a nutritionist to determine appropriate levels in the diet as well as a method to handle and store the feedstuff."