EC Wants Reassurances Syngenta's BT10 Detection Method Accuracy

EU biotech lab says it couldn't exclude the possibility that some tests had shown false negative results. Compiled by staff

Published on: Apr 5, 2006

Doubts surfaced this week about the accuracy of a Syngenta's test needed to verify shipments are free of the biotech corn event BT10.

According to Dow Jones, Tuesday the European Commission sent a letter to Syngenta after the EU's genetically modified organisms laboratory stated it couldn't exclude the possibility that some tests for the presence of the biotech corn had shown false negative results.

BT10 is not legal in the European Union and after trace amounts were found in Spain and France shipments, the EC required Syngenta provide a detection method which was checked and approved by EU's research center.

The Commission said Tuesday that the "latest information from the company about the structure of the BT10 maize received by the research center is inconsistent with earlier information provided by the company. This has led the research center's GMO laboratory to express doubts about the reliability of the test," Dow Jones reports.

Syngenta was asked to clarify the situation as quickly as possible.