DuPont to Put New Corn Herbicides on Market

Dow AgroSciences agrees to supply DuPont with residual corn herbicides for preemergence use.

Published on: Sep 22, 2006

DuPont Crop Protection will begin offering acetochlor and acetochlor plus atrazine premix herbicides for field use on corn. DuPont announced today that Dow AgroSciences LLC will supply DuPont with the herbicides which, pending regulatory approvals, will hit the market in 2007 as DuPont Breakfree herbicide.

"Acetochlor containing products are among the best performing and consistent residual corn herbicides on the market and they fit well in conventional or herbicide tolerant cropping systems," said Stan Howell, North America vice president of Dow AgroSciences.

The new product is a soil-applied herbicide intended to consistently and reliably control a variety of weeds, ranging from grasses such as crabgrass and barnyardgrass to pigweeds and nightshade.

Acetochlor is for preemergence application, and is usually compatible with fluid fertilizers and pesticides when used at recommended rates.

"With this addition to the corn herbicide product portfolio, farmers have another tool to improve their productivity," said James C. Collins, Jr., DuPont Crop Protection vice president and general manager.

The agreement between Dow AgroSciences and DuPont will allow growers more access to acetochlor products through both companies.