DuPont/Pioneer Offer Growers Web-based Drought Management Tools

Web resources can help South Carolina corn growers now dealing with drought problems.

Published on: Aug 7, 2012

Drought is knocking on South Carolina's door again and since corn can be very sensitive to lack of moisture, some information from DuPont/Pioneer may be just what growers need to help them get through some difficult management situations.

The company has posted Drought Guides for use by growers on its website at These offer drought management tips on corn, soybean and forages. Information in the corn guide can also help growers understand how drought affects corn pollination. The company also offers website tools covering Management of Drought-Stressed Corn Silage.

DuPont/Pioneer Offer Growers Web-based Drought Management Tools
DuPont/Pioneer Offer Growers Web-based Drought Management Tools

This site offers growers insight on a number of drought issues as they relate specifically to silage. When should silage be harvested? How will drought affect yield and quality? Is silo gas a concern? And which inoculant is recommended? Nitrates can be a concern in silage and the site tells growers what to look for and how to handle it.

This year has been a complicated one for South Carolina growers trying to get a read on the weather. Earlier in the spring much of the state had what the U.S. Drought Monitor lists as the worst two levels of drought -- Extreme Drought and Exceptional Drought. After some early tropical storms dropped timely rains, however, these most critical drought conditions receded back into Georgia. Except for a touch of Extreme Drought currently on its southwestern border, South Carolina is now free of these most critical drought conditions. However, a large part of the western part of the state is now considered to be under Severe drought and almost all the state is either suffering Moderate drought or is considered Abnormally Dry.

Corn has a critical window when it needs moisture and if it doesn't get it, the grower gets problems. The DuPont/Pioneer web resources mentioned above can help them manage these problems.

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