Dow's Enlist Herbicide Delayed

Dow AgroSciences ramps up 2014 plans for new Enlist Weed Control System.

Published on: Jan 30, 2013

Dow AgroSciences' Enlist Weed Control System will be delayed until later in 2013 with an emphasis now on the 2014 crop year. The company is moving forward with a range of activities in the Midwest and South as part of its launch strategy.

Doug Morrow, an Indiana grower and former president of the Illinois Soybean Alliance, says: "The need for technology like Enlist is now. Our inability to control weeds is putting some operations at risk, and impacts what agriculture is able to produce. This technology is worth the wait, but we need it as soon as we can get it."

For 2013, Dow AgroSciences will launch five technology centers focused on Enlist and the Enlist 360 learning series. These are planned for the Midwest and South. In these centers, growers, retailers and seed sellers can take part in interactive, field-based training designed to familiarize them with all aspects of the Enlist technology, from product performance, to application and best management practices.

Dows Enlist Herbicide Delayed
Dow's Enlist Herbicide Delayed

The Enlist system will use a new formulation of 2,4-D that's designed to offer low-drift and low volatility. Growers and applicators will learn more about the new technology as part of this seed and crop protection system.

The company also intends to offer more than 100 small Enlist plots at seed company and retailer locations across the Corn Belt. Additionally, plans are underway to allow evaluation of the Enlist system on-farm, providing farmers an opportunity to manage the technology and observe how it works to control tough farm weeds.

Dow AgroSciences plans to ramp up seed production and its supply of Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D Technology to support the anticipated launch. The company expects all approvals will be in place for sale in late 2013, and will be ready for what it calls "a robust ramp up" of Enlist corn in a broad geography and hybrid portfolio for 2014.

In the Dow AgroSciences announcement regarding 2013, the company notes regulatory agencies outside of the United States, including Canada and Japan, have made regulatory decisions in support of the Enlist technology.