Don't Panic! The Board of Animal Health Is Still Here

Address and phone number change, but agency still intact.

Published on: Mar 29, 2010

Livestock producers look to the Indiana Board of Animal Health and the leadership of state veterinarian, Brett Marsh, to ride herd on important livestock issues related to health in Indiana. So if you tried to call or find them last week and got answers like 'this number is no longer in service' or 'this office isn't located here anymore,' don't panic. The office moved as a cost-cutting measure, and in the process, acquired a new address and phone number.

The official move was scheduled for last Friday, March 26. If things are on schedule, you should be able to contact BOAH again today. The new telephone number starting today, March 29, is 317-544-2400. There is also a new fax number. The fax number for BOAH is now 317- 543-1415. The new physical address for the BOAH office is 4154 N. Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46205. A new mailing and shipping address for the agency will be posted on its Web site as soon as a suite designation for the building where the agency is now located is approved. The Website is:

On the positive side, cellular phone numbers for all staff members didn't change. So if you deal with a certain staff person by cell phone, the number that worked last week should still put you in touch with him or her this week.

There is also a toll-free line, which did not change. That toll-free number is 1-877-747-3038. All individual phone extensions for employees in the office complex will also be changed. If you dial an old individual number that should send you straight to a particular person today, it should have forward notification on it. That will continue for about 30 days. A new phone directory with new extensions will be available on the Website. Once at:, click on 'What's New?' to look for those extensions of various employees.

The bottom line is that the move occurred for cost savings reasons, and there should be little interruption in service. In fact, by today, if all things are working smoothly, you should have no problem reaching BOAH on their new number. Should delays occur, refer to the Website for details.

Denise Derrer remains communications specialist for BOAH. She supplied these details on the agency's move to a different location.