Deltapine Launches New Seed Pricing Plan

Three-prong program offers price breaks to "rough country" farmers.

Published on: Jan 6, 2011

Deltapine cotton seed is available for 2011 under a three-prong pricing plan based on yield performance in various environments, a program that gives growers in "tougher" environments a price break.

Dave Rhylander, Marketing Lead for Deltapine says the program includes Class 9, 10, and 11 seed and is based on performance categories for high-, mid- and tough-yield environments. "This is similar to programs we've seen in corn hybrids for years," Rhylander said, "but it's the first time it's been used in cotton.

"We're using an animal analogy on this program, " he explains. "We have a 'race horse' category, a 'work horse' category, and a 'camel' category. The race horse responds well to top management and inputs, the work  horse performs well  in less premium environments, and the camel just keeps on going in the toughest of conditions."

Unlike the zone pricing used for cotton traits, Rylander says the new program sees the same prices across the United States, so "growers in Georgia will pay the same price for "tough" environment cotton as those in the Texas Rolling Plains."

Pricing for 2011 includes an inflationary price hike on the high-yield category, flat pricing for the mid-yield varieties, and a price reduction for "tough" environment cottons.

The program's benefits will be highlighted in an area like Texas, where you have a variety of conditions ranging from "dryland" acres, limited water fields, and fully-irrigated environments. "There, growers have the opportunity to purchase Deltapine brand seed while managing costs depending upon their yield environment," Rhylander explained.

Another benefit the company is pushing for its seed, is a 250,000-count bag, compared with 230,000 seeds in competitor's bag. "When you have a price break for tougher conditions, and get 13% more seed for your money, you have to consider that," he added.