Deere Rolls Out New 7030 Series Tractors

The large-frame models get an upgrade that includes a new transmission.

Published on: Aug 17, 2006

When first rolled out in the 1980s, the 7000 series machines were a major jump for Deere in design. Today that heritage continues with the 7030 series large frame launch. The large-frame models now number four in the large-frame format. From the smallest, the 7630 weighs in with 140 horsepower at the power takeoff; the 7730 has 152 PTO hp; the 7830 features 165 PTO hp and the 7930 has 180 PTO hp.

The machines feature a 6.8-liter PowerTech Plus engine with a rated speed of 2100 rpm. The engines deliver 40% more torque rise and 10% power bulge in tough conditions. The machines use the Variable Geometry Turbocharger, cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and four valves per cylinder head for improved efficiency.

The new large-frame 7030 series from Deere offers new transmission options, enhanced hydraulics and more power for demanding operations.

The engines also offer Intelligent Power Management that works in transport mode or for rear-PTO driven applications. With that option, the engine has an additional 30 horsepower for use in those transport or non-stationary PTO operations.

The line has three transmissions. The 16-speed, 19-mph PowrQuad Plus transmission is base equipment on all models. For more automatic performance, the company now offers the AutoQuad Plus that allows manual shifting of gears or the ability to program the tractor to automatically shift speeds within each range. And there are two Infinitely Variable Transmission options - the 25 mph and the 31 mph choice. Higher-speed operation has been rolled out for the 8030 series as well.

Hydraulic flow is also getting a boost. A 45-cc displacement pump with a 32-gpm flow rate is standard. In more demanding situations, buyers can opt for a 63-cc pump offering 45 gpm flow.

Buyers also have some interesting options between the 7030 and 8030 lines. The 7930 has the same horsepower as the bottom end 8030 machine, but Deere points out that some producers might like the larger 9-liter engine in the 8130 along with its higher weight. Or the 7930 might fill the bill with its 20,200 weight and smaller size. The 8130 has 140 pounds per horsepower while the 7930 has 112 pounds per horsepower. It's an issue to noodle over with your dealer.

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