Dairy Information at Your Fingertips

New Web site compiles information for Southern dairymen. Wayne Harr

Published on: Dec 1, 2003

If you are looking for dairy information in the Southeast, it’s as close as your computer and the Internet. SoutheastDairyExtension.org is a database-driven Web site designed to serve as a portal to the vast amount of web-based dairy industry information. The site should be useful to producers, Extension personnel, researchers and 4-H members throughout the Southeast.

The new Web site has been launched and is sponsored by the University of Tennessee Dairy Extension program and UT Department of Animal Science. It provides dairy-related articles for Extension workers and their clientele (dairymen) at the same time.

Topics listed on the site include economics and marketing, facilities, genetics, animal health, heat stress, grazing systems, mastitis, nutrition, reproduction, waste management and others. The format also allows users to search using keywords. Entries provide detailed information about published dairy science papers, including the name of the information source, URL, author, year and a brief excerpt.

It features links to many information-rich sites and is organized by topics. To keep the site up-to-date, visitors can suggest new links by clicking the "Suggest Link" button that is on each page. They may also submit additional content by using an on-line form provided at the site.

Timely information is featured in "spotlight of the month" and "tip of the month" sections. Dairy statistics are available for 12 states from Texas and Oklahoma, across the Southeast to Virginia.

To check out the new site and get more information go to www.SoutheastDairyExtension.org.