Crustbuster/Speed King Roll Out New Air Drill

The 4700 All Plant Air Drill builds on a field-proven design to meet farmer productivity needs.

Published on: Jul 30, 2013

Crustbuster/Speed King is rolling out the new 4700 All Plant Air Drill that uses the Crustbuster Parallel Linkage Opener designed to provide constant down-pressure throughout the operating range. The system also remains parallel to the ground throughout the opener's travel providing consistent planting depth control. The Air Drill System features a large 350-bushel capacity, two compartment split 60/40, four-wheel steer cart. The machine is mounted on an ISO compatable cart system with the center fill, pressurized tank featuring a low hopper sensor.

The operator can load and unload the hopper with the attached 8-inch auger. And the system allows the user to plant and apply fertilizer at the same time, allowing users to cover more acres faster. The air drill uses the All Plant Drill three-section 40-foot and 45-foot frames that fold for easy transport. For more information about the 4700 All Plant Air Drill call 620-227-7106 or visit and select Air Drills from the menu.

AIR DRILL INNOVATIONS: Crustbuster/Speed King launch the new 4700 All Plant Air Drill using proven tech.
AIR DRILL INNOVATIONS: Crustbuster/Speed King launch the new 4700 All Plant Air Drill using proven tech.

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