Crops Training Sessions on the Road this Week

Purdue specialists take crop scouting into state. Tom J. Bechman

Published on: Jun 19, 2006

Maybe you're a farmer who wants to bone up on the fine points of scouting and crops and soils management. Maybe you're an ag business person or custom applicator who needs Pesticide Applicator Recertification Program credits and/or Certified Crop Advisor credits. And maybe you don't live within a convenient drive of West Lafayette, where Purdue hosts most of its crops scouting training through the Purdue University Crops Diagnostic Training Center, located on the Purdue University Agronomy Research Center near Otterbein.

If you fit any of these categories or all of them, then here are two meetings that you need to know about. Depending upon where you live, one should be right for you. And they're both this week - so you need to act quickly.

On Tuesday, June 20, the Northeast Purdue Ag Center near Columbia City will host a day-long training session. It begins at 8:00 a.m. EDT and concludes at 3:45 p.m. Besides the normal tune-up on crops scouting and soil fertility, this meeting will include information on Asian soybean rust, including discussion of how best to apply foliar fungicides in soybeans.

Specialists expected to participate from Purdue include Gary Steinhardt, Jim Camberato, the new soil fertility specialist, Greg Shaner of plant pathology, talking about soybean rust, and Christian Krupke, an extension entomologist.

Registration is $85. Lunch, training materials and a 2006 edition of the pocket guide are included. Call Rolla Parsons at (260) 358-4826 to register or obtain more details.

If you live in southern Indiana, then you may opt for a similar training program, slated later in the week, on Thursday, June 22, at the Southeast Indiana Purdue Ag center near Butlerville. Registration starts at 8 am EDT, with the program concluding at 4 pm. This session features a plot walk to see fertilizer rate differences, no-till, plant population studies and much more.

Speakers slated to appear include Shawn Conley, Purdue's soybean specialist, John Obermeyer, Bill Johnson of weed science, and Bob Nielsen, corn specialist.

Continuing CCA credits are available. Cost is $75. Call David Osborne at 812-689-6511 for more details.