Creating Crude Oil from Hog Waste

Innovative project has potential to create energy and environmentally-favorable byproducts.

Published on: Jan 19, 2006

A Missouri company says a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is helping the company make progress in a project that converts crude oil from hog effluent.

Maryland Heights, Missouri-based Innoventor, Inc. says there's potential for 6 to 8 gallons of sour crude oil to be produced from the waste of one market hog. While the market for the sour crude oil isn't readily available yet, a plant to process sour crude is planned in western Illinois in the near future. Currently, the price of sour crude oil is about half that of the normally quoted sweet crude value.

In addition to the oil, the project would produce byproducts such as clean water for recycling through the livestock production system, the elimination of odor from the effluent and organic plant foods - all items with significant economic value.

"The upside potential for this project is astounding," says Kathy Chinn, chairman of the Missouri Pork Association and a producer from Clarence. "Considering today's energy and fertilizer prices, the success of this project could create a substantial new revenue source for producers while enhancing environmental issues related to air and water."

With most of the lab work and bench testing complete, the next step in this pilot project will be to install a prototype processing unit for on-farm trials during the first half of 2006.