Country Clipper Launches 2013 Lineup

Zero-turn mower models available to meet wide range of user needs.

Published on: Jun 18, 2013

Country Clipper mowers has a new redesigned line for 2013 and each machine in the model lineup below is available with either a "point and go" joystick or twin-lever steering options. Here's a rundown:

Wrangler - this redesigned compact machine has a 22-hp Kohler or 21.5-hp Kawasaki engine with power and torque needed for discharging or using the optional mulching kit or bagger. The machine is designed for the homeowner. The machine has a top speed of 7.5 mph and comes in three cutting widths - 41-, 48- or 52-inches. You can mow up to four acres per hour with this machine.

Edge is focused on the mid-sized homeowner. Power comes from either a 21.5 hp Kawasaki or a 27 hp Kohler engine. Cutting widths available include 48-, 52- and 60-inches - and it can maneuver through narrow spaces or cover large areas fast. Top speed is 8 mph.

READY TO CUT: The Country Clipper lineup offers a machine in every range from homeowner to seasoned pro.
READY TO CUT: The Country Clipper lineup offers a machine in every range from homeowner to seasoned pro.

Edge XLT is a residential machine with pro features. Big brother to the Edge the machine features a wide fronts step for easy access. The articulating front axle and deck allows these components to move independently, reducing gouging and providing a smoother ride on rougher terrain. The model features a 24-hp Kawasaki engine and 52- or 60-inch cutting widths. You can mow up to 4.75 acres per hour at speeds up to 8 mph.

The Challenger is designed for the commercial operator, but offers great heavy duty service for residential customers who want to cover a lot of ground. The Challenger is designed for durability and has easy access to the underside of the deck, spindles and engine for necessary maintenance. Powered by a 30-hp Briggs & Stratton, 24-hp Kawasaki or 27-hp Kohler engine, this model can travel up to 9 mph and is equipped with a 52-inch or 60-inch deck.

The Charger is a pro product, which is back by popular demand. The machine features that articulating front axle and deck for free floating performance and a smoother ride. Engines available include the 25.5-hp Kawasaki or 27-hp Kohler paired with deck sizes of 52- or 60-inches. Top speed is 10 mph, and you can mow at up to 6 mph.

The Defender features 26-inch drive tires, a wide wheelbase and fuel tank placement under the seat providing top holding capabilities, a smoother ride and reduced turf damage. The seat on this machine has an adjustable lumbar support and back and seat cushion angles. That comfy seat is also mounted on vibration isolators with 3-inch travel suspension. The machine is available with a range of engine options including the 25.5-hp Kawasaki, 27-hp Kohler, 35-hp Kawasaki or 29-hp Kohler with electronic fuel injection. The Defender is equipped with 60- or 72-inch decks, and with travel speed up to 12.5 mph, the user can cover a lot of ground fast. The machine has Hydro-Gear's ZT-5400 Powertrain drive system suited to heavy duty use.

All models feature the option of using exclusive "Point and Goo" Joystick Steering, which is easy to learn and use while providing zero-turn performance. This option leaves you a free hand for moving low hanging branches as you mow. Duel lever steering is also available for traditional zero-tern control.

Learn more about the new lineup by calling 800-344-8237 or by visiting