Could Soybeans Be Headed for 'Uncharted' 7.6 Million Acres?

United Soybean Board thinks USDA report of acres unaccounted for in latest reports could go to the popular legume.

Published on: May 21, 2009

The United Soybean Board is pointing to some interesting questions facing the market for 2009 - including 7.64 million acres that have not yet been accounted for compared to 2008's planted acreage

Notes Rick Stern, USB production chair: "It's quite possible that a large share of this 7.64 million acres will be planted to soybeans." The Cream Ridge, N.J., producer notes that economics favor soybeans with world demand strong and an overall upward trend for the crop. Stern farms 1,250 acres of soybeans, corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa and fresh market vegetables.

Ken Dalenberg, USB director and soybean/corn producer, Mansfield, Ill., believe more soybeans will be planted in 2009 than what is formally estimated by USDA. "Corn-soybean price ratios currently favor soybeans," he notes in a USB release.

Sterns notes that USB efforts and the soybean checkoff have protected yields and there's potential for greater yield improvement. He adds that the research coordination effort has allowed scientists to get the most "bang for our [checkoff] buck."