Cottonseed Market Expands in Southeast

Deltapine holds on to half of the Southeast cotton acres, but growers increase plantings of Phytogen, Stoneville and FiberMax.

Published on: Sep 9, 2010

Cotton industry leaders who wondered what would happen to cottonseed market share in the Southeast since the demise of Deltapine 555 BG/RR have their answer in the Cotton Varieties Planted 2010 Crop report from USDA.

Bayer CropScience's FiberMax is the most popular brand of cottonseed in the United States, but Deltapine still holds on to 50% market share for the Southeast, which in this case includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. However, the situation in the Southeast is a far cry from 2009 when the famed Triple Nickel alone was planted on more than 80% of the acreage in Florida and Georgia, nearly two-third's of Alabama's cotton acreage and a third of South Carolina's.

Dow's Phytogen cottonseed brand grabbed the most acres in the Southeast, moving its market share up to 27% while Bayer claimed 10% for its Stoneville brand and 9% for its FiberMax brand, according to USDA's report.

In 2008, no variety other than DP 555 had even 1.5% of the acreage in Georgia. In 2009, three varieties had over 2% of Georgia's cotton acreage: PHY 370 WR and two new Deltapine varieties. Stoneville's 458 B2/RF had just over 1%.

Turning to 2010, this is the picture in Georgia: 58% Deltapine, 24% Phytogen,  15% FiberMax and 1.8% Stoneville, with several smaller companies claiming less than 1%.

Alabama's numbers are similar: 61% Deltapine, 20% Stoneville, 15% Phytogen and  2.9% FiberMax.