Cotton Economics Gets Focus in Virginia

Annual meeting looks at cotton from many angles.

Published on: Feb 9, 2009

Virginian, North Carolinian and Georgian cotton experts will give a Southern emphasis to outlook forecasts and crop management analyses at the Virginia Cotton Economics and Production Meeting, Feb. 19, in Franklin, Virginia.

The lineup of speakers includes University of Georgia economist Don Shurley, who will make a presentation on the market situation and outlook for 2009. David Ruppernicker of the Southern Cotton growers will look at the new Obama Administration and what the new politics mean for farmers.

A number of speakers from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service will make presentations. Nathan O'Berry will sum up 2008 cotton varieties, Ames Herbert will entertain the subject of insect management, Pat Phipps will look at cotton diseases, and Henry Wilson will discuss weed management.

Keith Edmisten and Guy Collins, both from N.C. State University, will focus on agronomic decision making for cotton growers.

Robert Christian of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will look at cotton growers' legal responsibilities. There will also be a presentation on pesticide handling and worker protection by Doug Edwards, also from VDACS.

The event will be held at the Regional Workforce Development Center at Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin. Registration is from 9 to 10 a.m. However, those who pre-register can get half off the $10 registration fee, which includes a catered lunch by Bill Ellis Barbecue.

Pre-register before Feb. 13 to the Virginia Cotton Growers Association, P.O. Box 27552, Richmond, Va., 23261. Make Checks payable to VCGA, Inc.

For more information call (804) 290-1153.