Corn and Soybeans Still Holding Their Own Against Heat and Wetness

Excessive heat in some areas and too much moisture in others are not taking much of a bite out of the overall condition of the nation's corn and soybean crops.

Published on: Aug 17, 2010

The nation's corn and soybean crops are still developing a tad ahead of normal according to USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey, who says conditions are holding up despite hot weather in the South and wet weather in the West.

Since last week's USDA crop forecast everyone is wondering if those projections of record corn and bean crops will be forced up or down by the weather.

"As expected with the weather, corn dipped to 69% good to excellent from 71% a week ago, but still better than last year's 68% good to excellent," Rippey said. "Even a state like Iowa where we've had some problems with wetness, we still have 68% of the crop good to excellent; only 12% very poor to poor."

Soybeans are 66% good to excellent, the same as last week and last year. Cotton overall dropped slightly due to the heat from 65% good to excellent last week to 62% good to excellent.