Corn and Bean Conditions Very Good

Despite weather delays earlier this year crop conditions look exceptional.

Published on: Jul 29, 2008

Much of the U.S. had weather trouble of some sort this spring, whether it was drought in the Southeast and Southwest or torrential rains and heavy flooding in the Midwest. Those weather difficulties slowed planting and plant development, but according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey the crops seem to have overcome that.

"Overall, despite developmental delays this is a corn and soybean crop that is not looking all that bad compared to last year," Rippey says.

Development of the crops is still behind normal; only 59% of the corn crop has silked while normally at this point 81% has reached that stage. However 66% of the corn crop is rated good to excellent slightly above last week and 8% higher than last year.

Soybeans are in a similar situation with 62% blooming which is 17% below normal, but Rippey says like corn, soybeans are in good shape for the stage they are in.

"Soybean condition edging up slightly to 62% good to excellent," Rippey says. "A week ago 61%, last year at this time 58%."

Missouri and Mississippi are having the most problems with soybean conditions with 20% of their crops in poor to very poor shape.

Rippey says winter wheat harvest is progressing and is only a few points behind average at 79% complete. He also says spring wheat is fully headed; harvest is just beginning with 1% harvested compared to the average of 6% at this time.