Cooperative Extension "Ask an Expert" Now Available Via Computer

New tool provides timely answers and convenience.

Published on: Jun 17, 2009
If you've got a question for Cooperative Extension experts, asking that question just got easier than ever before.

"Ask an Expert" is a new Extension resource, says Johnston County, N.C., extension director Bryant Spivey, that gives timely emailed answers to questions conveniently posted "at any time of day or night."

"For decades, Cooperative Extension has been a premier source of credible, research-based information on a myriad of topics," Spivey says. "Now, the Ask an Expert widget allows county residents to access that information with greater convenience."

In this instance, a "widget" is an Internet tool that allows automated responses to information requests. Extension experts on "Ask and Expert" will address any question on agriculture and food, health and nutrition, home and family, lawn and garden, youth development and 4-H, forestry and environmental stewardship, money management, resource conservation or a host of other topics.

There are several ways to access the new tool. Internet users can go to to type their question in. Spivey has also linked to the tool from the Johnston County Cooperative Extension web page. Visit and then click on the black "Ask" bar at the top of the page.