Conner Unhappy With Conference Bill

First release from Farm Bill Conference Committee concerns Conner.

Published on: Dec 26, 2007

While addressing the Washington Agribusiness Club last week, acting Ag Secretary Chuck Conner said that he didn't like what he saw in his early look at the House-Senate conference committee report on the Farm Bill.

"In the language of the conference report there is another $2 billion in additional revenue," Conner said. "This is not where we need to be."

Conner also spoke of the refusal to reform the adjusted gross income cap. The Administration proposed to set the AGI cap at $200,000, but all attempts to lower the limit in the Senate were voted down.

"I'm also concerned that the House and Senate bill increases the loan rates and the target prices on nearly half a dozen crops," Conner said. "Simply put, that is trade-distorting, further trade-distorting, and we are going to hear about it from our WTO trading partners."