Congress Has Days to Extend MILC Program

National Farmers Union calls for Congress to extend the Milk Income Loss Contract program.

Published on: Sep 26, 2005

The Milk Income Loss Contract program is set to expire at the end of the week unless Congress passes legislation extending it. This program has boosted small dairy operations' incomes for the past three years.

National Farmers Union is continuing its call to Congress to extend MILC. "Without MILC, these producers, who are the backbone of thousands of rural communities, will be faced with potentially lower prices and no safety net," says National Farmers Union President Dave Frederickson.  

Economists across the country are predicting low milk prices, which could potentially leave dairy farmers without a safety net for the final two years of the 2002 farm bill, a statement from NFU says.

During a stump speech in Wisconsin last fall, the President pledged his support for extending the MILC program two years, and included an extension in his budget plan. 

"The President promised producers that he would support an extension," Frederickson says. "Yet, we've seen no action. I hope that Congress will step in immediately to remedy this problem."

Rural communities across the country are facing unprecedented challenges. Skyrocketing energy prices, weather related disasters and declining commodity prices are dragging down rural economies. NFU believes that now is not the time for policymakers to let important programs like MILC fall by wayside, and continues its call upon the White House and Congress to immediately pass an extension for the MILC program.