Confidence in Food Safety is Rebounding

Level of confidence is fragile.

Published on: Jul 2, 2008

The Food Marketing Institute survey found that Americans' confidence in the safety of the food they buy in supermarkets has rebounded from an 18-year low last year to 81% this year. However, FMI said this confidence level "is fragile" as only 11% are "completely confident," down from 15% last year, and 70% are "somewhat confident."

The survey reported that 41% of shoppers are "very concerned" about the nutritional content of the food they buy and eat, and 47% are "somewhat concerned," but 62% say there is room for improvement in their diets, with 12% saying there is "a lot" of room.

On other matters, 20% of consumers deem recycling and sustainability at supermarkets to be "very important" and 41% as "somewhat important," with 51% of supermarkets now selling reusable shopping bags and 44% of shoppers using them at least once a month, the report said.

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